Manage Use of Storage

Similar to network bandwidth, you can never have enough storage. In a cost-conscious environment, it is not prudent to continually purchase additional storage without proper management of the storage you have. Ensure that you properly manage your storage usage and report storage costs. Companies often use only a percent of the allocated storage leaving hidden pockets of unclaimed storage. The following are ways that companies have saved money in the management and use of storage:
  • Report and analyze how much storage you have, how much is allocated, and how much is used. Right size file allocations to only what you need for the next six months or less.
  • Limit personal storage volumes. Have and enforce a policy on storage use.
  • Follow policies for storage left from terminated employees as reclaiming even a few gigabytes per employee amounts to savings.
  • Enforce archiving policies that are consistent with records management policies.
  • Reduce tape volumes. Review backup and retention policies. Implement de-compression and de-duplication technology. Eliminate third party, off site tape storage if possible. Eliminate legacy tape cartridges.
  • Review and clean up storage on a regular basis.
  • Examine the possibility of using storage in the cloud services that many WAN and Internet services provide. This can save on acquisition and support costs.

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